Setting Up an Art Gallery

If you are very interested in art and know a lot of artists who you think are very talented, try opening an art exhibition. If you have extra space that you can transform for a small cost, you can set up a few different works of a few different artists and charge by person to enter the gallery for however long they want to stay. If you can, rent out a place and make a small business out of it. You can even get together with the artists and help them sell their work. If you do this you will have to first work the profit out and determine who gets what. To make the art stand out, picture frame lighting, and an art light, and a led picture light can help to illuminate the art and give it that glow it needs. When you decide to start an art exhibition, you will want to pick a certain type of art that you want to show or sell. You do not want a bunch of varieties of art because the guests and potential customers will get overwhelmed. If you want to attract a certain crowd or make it easier on yourself to advertise the work you have gathered together, it will be easier to be specific with the art you are showing instead of just advertising an art show in general. It does not matter if you get a warehouse or a really cute room that is well lit. You can always transform a space to make it comfortable. Since it is an art show, it is okay for the room or building to have some character because it will give it a modern and artsy feel. You can dress the walls up by hanging up white curtains and setting up funky tables in front of it. If it is a modern art show, you can paint the curtains and if it is more classical and elegant, white cloth that is lit from the other side so that people cannot see the actual lights can be very pretty. Whatever you decide to do, you might get few clients or many. Location is very important as well. A place in the city has many art galleries and you will get many clients there. Out in the country, you cannot expect that many people will go to an art show unless it has a country feel to it. Working with someone else on this big project could be a good idea because you will probably not make an enormous profit on it and it can be an expensive thing to get together. It can also be a lot of work. You need money in the first place because it will take some to get the art together and get it set up. If you are looking at this as a fun activity to do and you have the money to spare than go for it. If you are looking to get a lot of money out of it, it is probably not the best option. Published at:

Owning an Art Gallery

”Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” —Andy Warhol I visited my favourite art gallery today with the intention of buying some Henderson Cisz prints. This was a spur of the moment decision based around the fact that I had some money off promotional vouchers which were expendable by the end of the month. So the gallery is in an idyllic position at a marina surrounded by water, boats, wildlife and other five star retailers with a high volume of traffic passing by. So if your dream, as an artist, is to have your own gallery is it really Utopia or just a pipe dream. Kate and her husband have had their gallery for two years and are in the process of opening another so is it an exciting, prestigious, and rewarding career, getting paid to select and sell art. Thier opinions were very interesting. When you start an art gallery, you have the freedom to make your own choices and express your own creative spirit. Assuming you can source and obtain artwork, then you can sell the artworks you want to, introduce artists you admire, discover new artists and create a showcase for your own work if you are an artist. You can hold exhibitions at your art gallery, which with the right PR could be attended by local celebrities and dignatories and with a bit of luck wealthy clients. Plus, if you sell art on sale or return, you will have less risk because you can fill your art gallery with stock without paying until it’s sold. This actually became unworkable for Kate and her husband but is a big fator for a lot of galleries. So now for the bad news. Running a successful art gallery requires a lot of hard work, determination and luck, and sometimes for very little financial reward – very much like being an independent artist. Remember that selling art is a retail job. It may be high end retail, but it’s still sales. If you don’t enjoy sales, and you don’t want to spend your time tracking down customers, do not try to run a commercial gallery. Prepare a detailed business plan and budget for everything and then some. And then ensure enough resources to withstand some ‘slow times’. But perhaps more importantly than that is that you should be well-versed in the history of art—and not only of the last 15 years, or even the last century, either, but art’s entire history. There are certain instances when you can get away with talking absolute bollocks but this isn’t one. You do not want to be found out in the art world because reputation counts for everything. So as my old schoolmaster use to say “Hit the books!”. This is a service industry, and it’s very important to know that. It’s a service to clients, and it’s a service to artists, and a service to the field of art. So if you have got this far read on for the final kicking. This is no get-rich-quick business. You have to be passionate about it. Interested is just commercial suicide. Find a great location. Have a lot of expereince in business. Have fantastic interpersonal skills if you want to make a sale. Have a good eye and do not buy crap. In conclusion, you need a wide range of skills, you need to work hard, and you cant imagine for a moment that this going to be easy. All things considered I’m too busy painting to even consider it. Published at:

Online Art Gallery

We have all heard of the “struggling artist”, but now in the age of internet shopping, artists can replace the struggle with a platform that can help them make money and showcase their talent in on online art gallery. This enables the artist to make a living while connecting with buyers. For consumers, an online art gallery is a wonderful option for furnishing a home, decorating an office or for finding the perfect piece of jewelry for a night out. This can also be a way of shopping that is both cost effective and eco-friendly. Handmade goods or artwork are often made with sustainable materials and can often last much longer than store-bought items. This increases the item’s value, especially when purchased at a good and fair price. Many forms of art can be featured, from digital art, paintings, drawings, to pottery, sculpture and glass. Jewelry is another popular type of art as well as print making and photography. For artists, they should explore all ways of promoting and selling their work to see what works for them. It certainly does not hurt to be able to reach out to as many potential buyers as possible via online art gallery. There are many benefits to selling artwork online. Online art galleries function very similarly to a brick and mortar gallery, the only difference is their being online. They are an impartial intermediary between the artist and the buyer. Artists have full representation and their work is promoted by the site via blogs, social networking sites, newsletters, reviews, events and forums. Sales and customer support are handled as well. The artist is notified by the online art gallery of a sale of their work which is then sent directly to the customer by the artist. For consumers, the benefits of purchasing art from an online art gallery are: • Variety. With all of the types and forms of expression that art can be, you can find it all online. • Convenience. You can shop anywhere, from at home in your pajamas to while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee in a bistro. As long as you have internet access, you can shop! • Lower prices. An online art gallery does not have the same expenses as a brick and mortar gallery, so these savings can be passed down to the consumer. Also, artwork presented in an online setting can be less expensive due to the artist not having to pay for the overhead costs of a store or boutique to sell their art. • Art is for everyone. The exclusivity of galleries can intimidate even the most keen buyer (and artist). With online art galleries, you can enjoy and appreciate art while having the opportunity to purchase it without feeling out of place or unwelcomed. You can also learn about art, the artist and how their work is created. In some cases, you can ask questions of the artists about their work. Consider browsing or selling your work in an online art gallery. You can start your collection or start selling your collection today. Published at:

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

Orange County tatoo particularly around Fullerton, offers an irresistible lure for tat afficionados. The area is surrounded by many great body modification artists who have been practicing professional inking ever since the art was not as popular as it is today. Fullerton tattoo salons are composed of professional body modification artists that adhere to the regulations that promotes proper sterilization, safety and well being of their customers. However, people are still encouraged to be aware of the risks involved when planning to undergo Orange County tattoo.

Getting a tattoo involves many health risks. In fact, skin inking can cause a severe allergic reaction, causing the area in and around your tattoo to become very red and extremely itchy. This is due to improper sterilization of sharp materials and needles that have been contaminated with disease and transferred from one customer to another. Three of the most serious disease that can be acquired from getting a tattoo are tetanus, hepatitis and HIV. So, choosing the where you go for Orange county tattoo can preserve your health while being proud of your tattoo at the same time.

Fullerton tattoo salons are becoming increasingly popular not only for its awesome designs but also by strictly following the rules and regulations imposed by the local government promoting health practices like sterilization and equipments such as autoclave to secure the safety and well being of people. Fullerton tattoo salons adhere to this law and are also acquired the license to operate under rigorous health standards.

Another important factor when planning to get a tattoo is which part of your body you would like to place it on. The decision will not only affect the tattoo size, but also the tattoo creation itself. Bear in mind that every body part is unique and therefore not all tattoo designs can fit and look good on all parts of one’s body.

For those who have just had a tattoo, here are some things to be reminded of..

1. On the first day, keep the tattoo covered and make sure it is kept clean to reduce the risk of infection.

2. Wash the area with clean water along with an antibiotic lotion.

3. Avoid direct contact with sunlight and keep the surrounding area moisturize.

4. Avoid using fitting clothes.

5. A tattoo would usually takes about 14 days to fully heal. Once you notice anything wrong with it, go consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Selling Your Photography To Magazines.

The magazine market is by far the biggest market for the freelance photographer, with millions of pictures published each month. If you would like to see some profit from your pictures, its really important to make the right approach.

Taking pictures for the magazine market isn’t about taking nice shots that your friends will admire or that will look nice on your wall at home. It’s about taking images that will sell to a selective audience, and to accomplish this you must understand the market.

Assuming that your photography ability is to par – there is no reason that you can’t start sending your images to photo editors straight away. Start off by selecting the markets that you may have interest in. Pick a market that you like to photograph.

Go to your nearest magazine outlet and buy 3 or 4 magazines that you are interested in submitting to.
Study each image that has been used by the photo editor and then compare the images in the magazine to your own.

This is were honesty comes in.

If your images are every bit as good as the images in the magazine, feel free to submit them. Write or send an e-mail to the photo editor telling them about your work. If you have a website, add it to the e-mail so that the editor can view a sample of your work. If you do send your images by post make sure you include a stamped addressed envelope to get your images back.

Magazines have standard prices for photographs and will pay you after the magazine has gone to print. This differs from magazine to magazine; magazines that sell more normally pay more for their images – the cover picture is normally the best paid, with the double centre being the second.

If you sell an image to a magazine don’t submit it straight away to a different magazine – the chances are that they’ll find out and won’t use your images again.

It doesn’t hurt to know the law when selling your images to magazines. The minute you hit the shutter button you own the copyright. As standard practice magazines normally pay you for the right to use your image once. If they use the same image in five months time, they must pay you a second time.

If your images aren’t as good as the images that are used in the magazine don’t submit them. You will be wasting your own time and the time of the photo editor. Photo editors are very busy and get hundreds of submissions every month. Try to improve your photography and submit at a later date.

Photo editors are always looking for new material, but first study the market.

It’s a fantastic feeling to see your images published for the first time.

The Psychology Of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is one of the great essentials of match play. Keenness can only be acquired if the physical, mental, and nervous systems are in tune. Consistent and systematic training is essential to a tournament player.

Regular hours of sleep, and regular, hearty food at regular hours are necessary to keep the body at its highest efficiency. Food is particularly important. Eat well, but do not over-eat, particularly immediately before playing. I believe in a large hearty breakfast on the day of a big match. This should be taken by nine-thirty. A moderate lunch at about one o’clock if playing at three. Do not eat very rich food at luncheon as it tends to slow you up on the court. Do not run the risk of indigestion, which is the worst enemy to dear eyesight. Rich, heavy food immediately before retiring is bad, as it is apt to make you “loggy” on the court the next day.

It is certain injury to touch alcoholic drink in any form during tournament play. Alcohol is a poison that affects the eye, the mind, and the wind three essentials in tennis. Tobacco in moderation does little harm, although it, too, hits eye and wind. A man who is facing a long season of tournament play should refrain from either alcohol or tobacco in any form. Excesses of any kind are bad for physical condition, and should not be chanced.

“Staleness” is the great enemy of players who play long seasons. It is a case of too much tennis. Staleness is seldom physical weariness. A player can always recover his strength by rest. Staleness is a mental fatigue due often to worry or too close attention to tennis, and not enough variety of thought. Its symptoms are a dislike for the tennis game and its surroundings, and a lack of interest in the match when you are on the court. I advocate a break in training at such a time. Go to the theatre or a concert, and get your mind completely off tennis. Do your worrying about tennis while you are playing it, and forget the unpleasantness of bad play once you are off the court. Always have some outside interest you can turn to for relaxation during a tournament; but never allow it to interfere with your tennis when you should be intent on your game. A nice balance is hard to achieve, but, once attained is a great aid to a tournament player.

The laws of training should be closely followed before and after a match. Do not get chilled before a match, as it makes you stiff and slow. Above all else do not stand around without a wrap after a match when you are hot or you will catch cold.

Many a player has acquired a touch of rheumatism from wasting time at the close of his match instead of getting his shower while still warm. That slight stiffness the next day may mean defeat. A serious chill may mean severe illness. Do not take chances.

Change your wet clothes to dry ones between matches if you are to play twice in a day. It will make you feel better, and also avoid the risk of cold.

Tournament players must sacrifice some pleasures for the sake of success. Training will win many a match for a man if he sticks to it. Spasmodic training is useless, and should never be attempted.

The condition a player is, in is apt to decide his mental viewpoint, and aid him in accustoming himself to the external conditions of play.

All match players should know a little about the phenomenon of crowd-psychology since, as in the case of the Church-Murray match I related some time back, the crowd may play an important part in the result.

It seldom pays to get a crowd down on you. It always pays to win its sympathy. I do not mean play to the gallery, for that will have the opposite effect than the one desired.

The gallery is always for the weaker player. It is a case of helping the “under-dog.” If you are a consistent winner you must accustom yourself to having the gallery show partiality for your opponent. It is no personal dislike of you. It is merely a natural reaction in favour of the loser. Sometimes a bad decision to one play will win the crowd’s sympathy for him. Galleries are eminently just in their desires, even though at times their emotions run away with them.

Quite aside from the effect on the gallery, I wish to state here that when you are the favoured one in a decision that you know is wrong, strive to equalize it if possible by unostentatiously losing the next point. Do not hit the ball over the back stop or into the bottom of the net with a jaunty air of “Here you are.” Just hit it slightly out or in the net, and go on about your business in the regular way. Your opponent always knows when you extend him this justice, and he appreciates it, even though he does not expect it. Never do it for effect. It is extremely bad taste. Only do it when your sense of justice tells you you should.

The crowd objects, and justly so, to a display of real temper on the court. A player who loses his head must expect a poor reception from the gallery. Questioned decisions by a player only put him in a bad light with the crowd and cannot alter the point. You may know the call was wrong, but grin at it, and the crowd will join you. These things are the essence of good sportsmanship, and good sportsmanship will win any gallery. The most unattractive player in the world will win the respect and admiration of a crowd by a display of real sportsmanship at the time of test.

Any player who really enjoys a match for the game’s sake will always be a fine sportsman, for there is no amusement to a match that does not give your opponent his every right. A player who plays for the joy of the game wins the crowd the first time he steps on the court. All the world loves an optimist.

Going Within – Core Beliefs

What is a core belief? A core belief is usually an unconscious belief that we have about ourselves, and unfortunately most of the time they are negative. Since doing this kind of work I have discovered that almost everyone I know who uncovers their own core belief, finds out that they have some kind of feeling of “not good enough” or “unworthiness”. It is quite startling to find that out and that is why I say it is usually an unconscious belief. We think we are doing ok, or our lives will get better but deep down we are blocking the good coming in, because somehow we feel we don’t deserve it.

My core belief was that I wasn’t good enough or important enough. And because of that belief I had gone through some very painful experiences. Of course I didn’t realize at the time I was attracting these experiences into my life. It was very easy to blame it on everything and everyone else. I realized that the only way to heal all of this was to take total responsibility for my life and my choices. This is not about blame, if you blame yourself it just gives you another reason to feel bad and continue attracting more of same.

We can believe that we are worthless, yet know logically that this is simply not true. Unfortunately, what we unconsciously believe will rule every time. Hence the saying, “because you believe it, that makes it so”. These unconscious internal untruths must be brought into consciousness where they can be questioned, examined and finally released.

Where does this internal dialogue come from? The things we tell ourselves in any given moment are, most often, a reflection of some old belief we picked up along the way. We go through life unconsciously repeating these core beliefs, like a negative mantra. Over and over we repeat them thus reinforcing them, until they manifest themselves in non-productive, yet familiar, life themes. They formulate themselves into painful, very limited story-lines that we buy into as the definition of who we believe ourselves to be. We live out these core beliefs; this fictionalized version or story of who we are. Then we continue to reinforce the belief of unworthiness and the cycle continues.

Until we become aware of it and challenge its falsehood, we will continue to act as if it is true. As long as these negative beliefs about ourselves operate beneath the surface of our consciousness, they will go on limiting and ruling our lives, making us miserable. Only truly understanding them and where they come from, can we redirect their energy. This means choosing not to act on those old worn out beliefs. Being conscious is the way to healing, and finally attracting exactly what you desire.

Manifest Your Dreams with The Postcards to the Universe – Story and Project

Let me tell you about my project. Early this year, I took a course about The Law of Attraction. The course provided insight into using Positive Affirmations to succeed life’s goals and wishes. During the course, to my amazement, I wrote my dreams as Affirmations, and they became true. Yes, my Affirmations showed up in my life as manifestations! Now, you will have the chance to do the same.
In my heart, I know the world would be happier if people’s dreams came true, just as mine did.

Finding such benefit from the course, I asked the Universe to help me with this idea. As a professional photographer, I was inspired to use my photography to help people manifest their desires. I decided to use my photography on the front of postcards. Then, people will write their Affirmation on the back. People will mail them to the Universe (my mailing address as below) as a way to manifest their heart’s desires. I would then, collect the cards, and compile them into a book to give people the opportunity to see their Affirmation in a published book, Postcards to the Universe to benefit the world.

I began working with The Third Entity/Inspiration Press’s team to work on my idea, Postcards to the UniverseTM. One of The Third Entity/Inspiration team members was in the Law of Attraction workshop with me. Now, that is not an accident! I met with The Third Entity/Inspiration Press and they loved the idea and concept. I began working with them to design a logo (as you see above). They felt strongly about my formidable project and suggested I should work with one of their team members, an Intellectual Property attorney, to trademark my idea. Having trademarked Postcards to the UniverseTM, we embarked on this project, together.

The Third Entity/Inspiration Press, experts in graphic design, with my direction for image selection, developed Postcards to the UniverseTM postcards. As experts in writing, web and blogsite design and set-up, they have developed my blogsite. Since, book creation is one of their extra strengths; they will graphically design the book cover, and interior layout, and they will print the Postcards to the UniverseTM book.

As an added benefit to the project, I am taking a road trip across the US for several weeks this summer. I will offer people I meet along the way to take part in the project.
How You Can Take Part in Postcards to the Universe to Manifest Your Dreams

Before you can be involved, let’s look at the meaning and use of Affirmations. Affirmations have been the cornerstone for Manifesting Dreams and Desires for centuries. An Affirmation is the firm declaration of something to be true. The Affirmation intends to convince the mind what it wants to happen, will happen. In personal development, an Affirmation is a form of autosuggestion, a statement of a desirable intent or condition. The Affirmation is meditated on, daily and deliberately. It is repeated often to implant it in the mind and heart. Affirmations are believed to be a powerful means of reprogramming the subconscious mind.

The power of Positive Affirmations and Daily Affirmations can help you in any area of your life. You can have Affirmations for love; success Affirmations; money Affirmations; weight-loss Affirmations, Affirmations for healing, or Affirmations for anything your heart wants to Manifest in your life.

To help you Manifest Your Dreams and Desires with Postcards to the UniverseTM, select one of my postcards with the image that best represents your Affirmation. Then, on the back of the postcard, write your Affirmation on the left-hand side. I will collect the postcards, and I will contact you about the progress of my project through my blog. As you can imagine, not every postcard will be in the book. So, be thoughtful about your Affirmation. Affirmations including pornographic, hateful, or negative text will not be considered.
Manifest Your Dreams! – What is Your Benefit to Participating in Postcards to the Universe?

Of course, you will benefit when your Affirmation starts manifesting in your life! Additionally, though, as a gift for participating, I will send you through email an electronic version of the book when it’s complete.

A portion of the proceeds of Postcards to the Universe will go to Rainbow Guardian, Inc., a non-profit organization, which serves the intellectually challenged and developmentally disabled population, including autism. This is a family operated foundation, which Melisa has been involved with its development, since it began in 1995.

How to Attract AdSense – The Secret and Law of Attraction Applied

Have you ever watched a movie called “The Secret”? It’s about the secret that’s been kept by most powerful, most successful, most famous, most wealthy people at any time in the humankind history. This movie had at least three times featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The Secret is revealed now.

Shout a great and memorable name. Hermes, Newton, Einstein, Napoleon Bona Parte, Alexander The Great, Thomas Alva Edison, George Washington, Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Jack Canfield, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Stephen Covey, George Soros, Onasiss, Joe Vitale, Napoleon Hill, Abraham Hicks, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, William Walter Atkinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ernest Holmes, Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vurnum, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, John Assharaf, James Allen, John Gray, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Wallace D Wattles. You name it!

They achieved what they achieved at their times, using and operating The Secret. So, what is the secret? The Secret is The Law of Attraction or LoA.

What all those great people has teaches us is The Secret, that’s being expressed in many ways like:

“Like attracts like.”

“You are a living magnet.”

“Thoughts become things.”

“You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted.”

“Be, do, have.”

“All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration.”

“You get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted.”

“Energy attracts like energy.”

“Everything draws to itself that which is like itself.”

“Whatever you want wants you.”

“What you sow is you reap.”

“What you put out you get back.”

“What comes around goes around.”

In brief, The Law of Attraction is the application of these principles and beliefs:

1. All humans are being gifted with the two most powerful tools for their lives. Those two are body and mind.

2. While our body is physically pursuing our success, our mind is mentally attracting it. Read again carefully! Answer this question; what is the action of your mind all this time, is it pursuing or is it attracting? Most of us operate our mind in “pursuing”, not “attracting”. This is the point where everything starts to go the wrong way. The right action to apply to the mind is “to attract”. It is good for you to read and download this great free book, “The Shocking Truth About Action”. Really, this book will shock you!

3. Everything is created twice. The first is in your head. All buildings are created twice, the first are at their blueprints. Or, the first is when the architect draw the concept. Or, the first is within the mind of the owner of the building. Your success is created twice, the first is within your mind. If there are three doors at the blueprint, so there you go, you’ll have three doors at your building in physical existence. So the first you have to do is keep telling your self that one day you’ll be another AdSense millionaire.

4. Our mind communicates everything, in or out, in images not words. Just remember something, then you’ll see images not words.

5. So, the first step of creation of our success is about dreaming, visualizing, or visualization. You see, this is why every success coach wants you to visualize your success and focus only at what you want, not what you don’t want. Visualizing is the most important step in creation. This is what Mr. Albert Einstein means by “imagination is more important than knowledge”.

6. With a detailed, specific, accurate, precise, and constantly exposed of the right visualization, you are guided to be inspired to take action. You are expected to get the passion or event obsession. This action, referred by the experts as the “inspired action”.

That’s it!

Visualize, imagine, wish, that some day your very own AdSense cheque starts to come, have frequent sightings right on those AdSense crowded the internet out there!

Rupert Dougall is the owner of the LOA experimental works on AdSense. Take a look at his AdSense Gallery at

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Free Hypnosis Online – Using The Law Of Reverse Effect To Take Control Of Others

One of the most powerful forms of hypnosis is through Stealth Tactics. This is a whole separate area, but if you know how to do it When it comes to hypnosis, an interesting little trick very few people know about is the law of reverse effect. This is actually very powerful. Simply put, it states that the harder you try to do something, the more likely it is that you’ll fail.

So let’s examine for a moment why this is the case…

From a hypnotic point of view you might say that you have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is designed to do certain things like enjoy experiences and make decisions. Your unconscious mind on the other hand acts out on those decisions and more importantly makes all the complex calculations required for most of day to day life.

Do you remember being a child and how complicated it was to put on a shirt or dress yourself in your own trousers without getting your feet all mixed up?

You’ll remember that something as simple as getting dressed which for every adult is totally easy, then you’ll realize that it’s only because you’ve internalized a whole bunch of complex procedures like maintaining your balance, knowing which way around the shirt goes, and so on.

One of the reasons the law of reverse effect actually works is because people try to consciously do something that’s been designed to be done unconsciously.

Your conscious mind can only handle seven plus or minus two bits of information which means anything other than the most simple of tasks has to be relegated to the unconscious mind in order for it to be performed properly and smoothly.

The minute the conscious mind begins to interfere, it begins to interfere with the smooth action and failure begins to happen.

Think of how you can use this in real life, and in hypnosis. If you want someone to fail at something and do what you want, you can use the law of reverse effect so that they use their conscious mind to try things that their un-conscious mind is designed to do. Try this out for yourself, and you may be surprised at the results.

Want to get more insider secrets to hypnotize anyone you want?

Just visit Hypnosis Gallery [] and sign up for the Underground Hypnosis course.

Cameron Taylor runs Black Ops Hypnosis []. He has extensive experience as a professional hypnotist, and can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to hypnosis products. Visit his site for some of the best hypnosis products you will ever find.

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